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Flywheel remagnetizing service

Recharge your magneto flywheel for your

Lambretta Scooter at Scooter Surgery

Flywheel remagnetising.jpg

 Flywheel remagnetizing service

Scooter Surgery can remagnetize flywheels of all models of Lambretta. If your lights & ignition are poor on a six vault system, it's likely that your flywheel charge is low and needs remagnetizing.


Just bring it in to the workshop or, if you're not local, send it to us clearly identifying your name, address and phone number. 


A flywheel remagnetizing will resolve the problems of dim lights and ignition problems.

Flywheel remagnetising.jpg

Flywheel remagnetizing service available at Scooter Surgery for just £30

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